Empower Your Personal and Professional Success with THE


Advance into the new business paradigm with EMP, the powerful new program from Maria Kellis. EMP provides tangible, actionable steps to bring your personal and professional vision to life.

  • Learn techniques and tools to break through obstacles and clear out negativity.
  • Dig out the root cause of ANY challenge you are facing.
  • Experience greater mental clarity and precise thinking.
  • ​Learn techniques to make better choices.
  • ​Improve your efficiency and productivity by learning how to manage your time and energy.
  • ​Learn how to laser focus on goal achievement, while feeling peace and a sense of comfort.

Empower Your Life in Six Extraordinary Weeks 


Are you ready to uncover your genuine vision — your purpose for life — your recipe for business success?

Let Maria Kellis teach you the steps with The Extraordinary Manifesting Process. In just six life-changing weeks, you’ll join a close-knit community of business leaders who want to take their companies and lives to the next level.

With the Extraordinary Manifesting Process you’ll create new models of business operation and growth through your changed perspective. 

As a leader, you’ll create the vision and inspire your team, your partners, and the entire company to see the possibilities for change, growth and success.

The Extraordinary Manifesting Process By Maria Kellis

(MIT, Mechanical Engineering, Sloan School of Management, MS, BS PhD cand. Mahidol, Thailand)

Maria Kellis – Your Change Catalyst

Maria Kellis is a gifted entrepreneur, energy worker, coach, teacher, and speaker, whose own inspirational story and transformative healing journey inspires her present life. As a global citizen with a passion for travel, she currently calls five different countries home.

With a science, business, and engineering background (she holds 3 MIT degrees), and personal and professional experience in manifesting extraordinary change, Maria is perfectly positioned to guide leaders in all industries to change their lives and businesses.

As an energy worker, consultant, and coach, she helps leaders envisage and achieve new and inspiring professional - and personal - futures.

With this brand new course, Maria will support you to break through obstacles, clear out negativity and dig out the root causes of the problems you face.

Gain : ◼Greater mental clarity ◼Precise thinking Make better choices

And improve your capacity to use time and energy to laser-focus on achieving your goals while still maintaining a peaceful sense of comfort. When working with Maria, clients emerge highly motivated and unleash their capability to live with joy, emotional stability, inner peace, wisdom and beauty. They experience an empowered, grace-filled work-life balance that inspires them to live life to the fullest. It is Maria’s distinct privilege to be the catalyst for her clients to create empowered lives and businesses.

Here’s what leaders and entrepreneurs
have to say… 

“My wife and I participated in a program with Maria Kellis in 2014. Maria’s guidance and support made it possible for us to achieve our goals and dreams in a very short time. She was very helpful to keep us on track with our goals.”


High performance coach & mindfulness trainer based in Brisbane, Australia

“It has been a unique privilege to work with Maria. My experience with her taught me how to move energy as a way of being. I follow her teachings and steps in my daily practice. In the process I have learned to fall in love with myself and my life!”


Writer, photographer and documentary film-maker based in California

Maria is one of those special people who can question, challenge and guide you to fix and upgrade your mind and body. From my experience, I can describe her as a "Brilliant Blindspot Doctor" The problem could be anywhere - business, life, mind, body or brain - Maria will have an insight that you don't want to miss.


Entrepreneur, Author and Teacher based in Silicon Valley

What’s included?

Six 90-minute Zoom group classes with Maria
Extensive Course Materials - complete these during the week
Exercises to enhance and practice concepts
Group chat to share experience 

Start your EMP journey October 06nd, 18.00 - 19.30 (Pacific Time)

Extraordinary Manifesting Process

Get ready for profound change:
  • Learn Maria’s roller coaster story and how the Extraordinary Manifesting Process evolved
  • Why we work in the eye of the hurricane 
  • Learn the value of energy gradients
  • ​Get your life in motion – make it work for you instead of against you
  • ​Leave burnout, exhaustion and anxiety in your dust.
  • ​Be inspired and commit to improving your life
  • ​Exercise your vision for the future

Let Maria show you how to get started right here, right now!

Designing the New You

Jump-start your new world with dynamic motion:
  • Discover your authentic desires
  • Reveal your 3 whys
  • Learn the secrets for utilizing time and space
  • Stand in your power 
  • ​Take control of your life – it is in you to do! NOW!
  • ​Connect your mind to your heart
  • Envision and embrace your ideal you
  • ​Dream big without limit or fear

Maria shows the no nonsense transformational steps to choose the life of your dreams!

As Easy as Letting Go!

Create space on all levels to start expanding your possibilities.
  • Free yourself from drama in your life
  • Clear out the incessant chatter of your mind.
  • Spend time with what matters most to you
  • Feel motivated to establish the healthy habits you always wanted
  • ​Let your intuition and passion blaze the trail in your life
  • ​Start believing in yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin!!
  • Clear the way to live a freely, ‘full-on’, authentic version of yourself

Grow your authenticity and embrace your Sacred Selfish as Maria guides you towards clarity as you pursue your inspired path.

Falling in Love With You

Rediscover and remember who you are. You deserve to be loved, unconditionally and absolutely.
  • Regain your self-confidence
  • Learn what it takes to simply be yourself
  • Experience the Energy of Gratitude
  • Discover the Love Chain
  • ​Have a deeper more profound experience of life on all levels
  • Believe in yourself absolutely and fully love who and what you are right here and now
  • Accept life without stress and trust in the process of life

Let Maria open the door for you to make tangible progress towards loving yourself.

Being Ready to Receive

Allow trust, abundance and love into your life for a deeper experience of life on all levels
  • Trust yourself and the universe again and believe in the goodness of life
  • Receive abundance and start fulfilling your desires
  • Power up your optimum health.
  • lower blood pressure 
  • balance body systems
  • get more restful sleep
  • ​stop panic attacks cold!
  • ​reclaim your lost energy
  • ​enhance depleted life force 
  • Ask for the impossible and allow yourself to receive
  • Expect the unexpected – it’s life’s delight!

Maria will show you the art of creating and receiving a miraculous life.

Revisiting the Journey 

How far have you come?
  • Overview of the group’s extraordinary six-week journey
  • Taking the four steps
  • Learn the powerful EMP game 
  • ​Set yourself up to begin your authentic, manifested life 
  • lower blood pressure 
  • balance body systems
  • get more restful sleep
  • ​stop panic attacks cold!
  • ​reclaim your lost energy
  • ​enhance depleted life force 
  • Ask for the impossible and allow yourself to receive
  • Expect the unexpected – it’s life’s delight!

Maria will show you the art of creating and receiving a miraculous life.


What is the Extraordinary Manifesting Process?

The Extraordinary Manifesting Process (EMP) is a powerful tool for navigating through life which has evolved over the 20 years of Maria’s own healing odyssey and through her work guiding others on their life journeys. In this process you’ll:

◾ Envisage new possibilities
◾ Discover your authentic purpose
◾ Clear out old misconceptions
◾ Ground yourself
◾ Receive, trust and show gratitude
◾ Learn how to work with energy to manifest your dreams

Why are we combining the Extraordinary Manifesting Process with guided energetic meditations?

Energy is the basis of all these teachings and Maria has found that live guided meditations accelerate the healing journey. 

How does this work online?

Energy is not restricted to time and space.

Maria has been working 80% online for years and clients have experienced massive transformations in their lives. There is a great benefit to a longer container for energy work that she will be holding for you for the duration of the class. This will allow you to better integrate your shifts into your daily life.

Moreover Maria has discovered the power of groups and how coming together as a group with a common intention intensifies the energy. Come and experience the vortex of transformation that she is opening for you. All you have to do is say YES!!!

What is the time commitment?

Six teaching sessions — each 90 minutes

Weekly follow up exercises, course materials and practice in your own time.
Please log in a few minutes early, as sessions will start promptly.

Are there exercises or other work to do in addition to the class sessions?

Yes, there are extensive course materials provided plus weekly follow up exercises, and a group chat where you can consult, share your progress and questions.

You’ll also pair up with an accountability partner to help keep you both on track during the six weeks.

What are the classes like? 

6 live masterclasses (90 minutes each) where you can learn from Maria, participate in exercises, apply for hot seats to work on your specific situation, participate in the exercises and energy work for your specific concerns, ask questions and discover once and for all what it means to develop a life that is free from stress’

Access to the class membership site to help you revisit and remember the vital principles of the course. It includes the recordings, transcripts, handouts, group exercises and downloadable meditations and energy exercises from the class’

Exclusive access to the private Facebook chat group of the class where you can ask questions to me as well as your peers, and be a part of a supportive community’

Access to a Facebook page of your fellow participants where you can get your questions answered from me as well as connect, share and support each other.

 What are the MMM classes like?

The classes will include teachings that are focused on exposing you to techniques and ideas of Miracles Manifesting Method with live guided meditations. You will also have the opportunity to practice exercises designed specifically for you to experience energy.

Maria will choose participants in the class to model the exercises with and you will also have a chance to practice yourself with your accountability partner. The classes will close with a guided meditation practice by Maria that will cement the shifts into your energetic body. 

When does the next EMP group start?

06 October 2022, 18.00 - 19.30 (Pacific Time)

The Extraordinary Manifesting Process takes you through six weeks of self discovery and growth.

You’ll finally understand the results you truly desire and know that 100% is possible, 100% of the time.

Let go of old programming and perceived limitations and become grounded in YOUR truth, not other people’s perceptions.

Learn the power and energy of gratitude and discover the joys of giving and receiving

Join Maria Kellis at this intersection of business and energy to change your business, your relationships, and your life.