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Maria Kellis

“Developing Leaders that are Changing the Game, and the Way that Business is done!”

“The Inspired Leadership Creator”


Maria Kellis is a coach, consultant, author, and business expert with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, academics, product innovation, and leadership development. Her coaching and consulting services assist her clients to generate profits with purpose, build efficient and high-performing teams, and live their lives with a passion-infused purpose. Through her guidance, individuals and organizations overcome challenges, improve self-confidence, enhance communication skills, and achieve greater success in both their personal and professional lives.


Speaking Topics

  • Leadership Coaching and Development
  • ​AI and the Yin Yang: Charting Leadership's Course in the AI Era
  • ​Inspired Leadership Coaching and Passion-Infused Profits
  • ​Resilience in the Face of Adversity, and Thriving from There
  • ​Stress Management Techniques and their Applications to a Balanced and Productive Lifestyle
  • ​Innovation in Product Creation and Development

Maria Kellis’ Guesting and Appearances

The Battlemind of the Mind

Through The fire: Maria Kellis’ Chronicles of Resillience and Transformation

By: Rick Yee
September 5 2023


Empowered Heart to Heart

From Victim to Victor (Interview with Maria Kellis)

By: Rhonda Simmons
June 09 2023


Power, Peace, and Love

An Evening with Maria Kellis

By: Sonia Montenegro
August 2, 2023