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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with AI & YIN YANG FOR BALANCED LEADERSHIP Webinar!

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A unique journey into Balanced Leadership, Mindfulness, Digital Detox, and Emotional Well-being, happening on November 11th.

What's Waiting for You:

  • ​Gain Mental Clarity & Resilience
  • Boost Your Confidence & Leadership Skills​
  • ​Align Your Values with Your Business Goals

Why This Journey Matters: In a world often hectic and demanding, this is a chance to pause and invest in your growth. With new opportunities to innovate with AI it's a new beginning. This isn't just another webinar, it's a community, a place where your leadership aspirations take shape with a sense of purpose.

Maria Kellis, Your Leadership Evolution Guide

Maria is an author, speaker and founder of Inspired Leadership Academy and AXIS Formula for balanced leadership. She believes in the power of transformative leadership. With three MIT degrees and hands-on startup experience, Maria bridges the gap between timeless wisdom and modern innovation. With her, you're not just a participant; you're a valued member of a community striving for growth.

What You Can Expect:

  • Explore with the AXIS Formula
  • Embrace Balanced Leadership
  • Gain Awareness & Fresh Opportunities​
  • Cultivate Leadership with Heart

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Saturday November 11th at 9 am PST

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What others are saying about Maria

"Maria brings something that I haven't seen anywhere else"

Maria is one of those special people who can question, challenge, and guide you to fix and upgrade your mind and body. From my experience, I can describe her as a “Brilliant Blindspot Doctor” - she can spot and highlight your blindspots from a mile away and also go on to help you fix them. The problem could be anywhere - business, life, mind, body, or brain - Maria will have an insight that you don’t want to miss.

Rajesh Setty
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Teacher Silicon Valley, CA, USA

"We all need love, and light, and goodness in our lives, and Maria is that, personified"

Each session I have with her completely changes my energy, how I feel, and how I present myself to the world. Maria was instrumental in getting me through the death of my brother and giving me the courage to follow my dreams. I now have a career I love and lightness in my heart. I can’t recommend her enough!


Writer and co-producer for Star Trek, Disney Plus and Apple TV

"Maria is an exceptional human being who brings a level of excellence to everything she does"

Maria is an exceptional human being who brings a level of excellence to everything she does. She is a focused, dedicated action-taker! Her beautiful energy permeates through every project that she is involved in and she is exceptionally dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us, and for future generations to come. I would highly recommend working with Maria.


Business Coach & Transformation Coach